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Individual for children

Individual care for your children as conditio sine qua non

At United Children individuality begins with the removal of language barriers. We communicate with and among children in their first language if possible. (German, English). Our family atmosphere guarantees optimal support for their social development and interpersonal skills. We do not limit ourselves to a certain method of teaching (such as Montessori) as this would conflict with our principle of individuality in childcare. Children all have different behavioural patterns, requiring different measures to support and encourage the natural development of each child. To achieve this aim, we utilize knowledge from modern child psychology to create a perfectly suited model for childcare at United Children.


Internationality experienced every day

Besides the individual support for the children's linguistic talents, the target of our individuality is the fostering to cosmopolitan attitudes and tolerance towards other languages, cultures and behaviour patterns. At United Children internationality is expressed by the use of native speaking teachers. The educational field - children with different mother tongues - encourages communication significantly. We intensify their interest in active communication far beyond the borders of one national language.

Familiar Atmosphere

United Atmosphäre

Our entire staff personifies United's philosophy and methodology. This ensures the children experience it naturally and as a matter of course in their daily interaction within the group. This applies to the interaction between the staff and the children as well as the children with one another. Our goal is to create a family environment where everyone can be at ease.

Flexibility for Parents

Flexibility - our service for parents

The children are, of course, at the centre of our philosophy. Still, we always consider the needs of parents as well; you are free to bring and pick up your child anytime within our flexible opening hours. You decide how you would like to organise your day.