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1. Let's speak English!

At United Children, internationality is particularly experienced through the presence of Native Speakers . We make it possible for children to communicate in their first language with teachers and with other children. (German, English).

2. Multilingual Education Ideal for Children from 2 years and up

Language skills and tolerance towards other cultures and behaviour patterns become more and more important in our society. For over 40 years, we at United Children have supported children's individuality, their linguistic talents and fostered cosmopolitan attitudes and tolerance.

3. Our Garden: Funworld on 850 m²

Our Garden in the heart of Mariahilf. With 850m² it is an ideal place to play in both winter and summer. It is also located safely away from the traffic noise and pollution of the street.

4. Fresh homemade food: Sensible nutrition guaranteed

Fresh homemade food is a long established United Children tradition. Fresh ingredients, nutritionally oriented meals and suitability for children are our secrets to success.

5. Our teachers: Highly qualified, motivated and friendly

Highly qualified teachers with diplomas guarantee a high level of care. Additional qualification in Montessori, dance, music, rhythm, gymnastics and general sports provides creativity and stimulation. Native English speakers with multi-cultural backgrounds provide the children with daily English experience.

6. Activities: Gym, ice-skating, museum, Theatre

There is always something going on! We at United Children place an emphasis on activities that take place outside of the day-care centre. Excursions to interesting places and sights are built into the framework of our kindergarten programme. Whether it is helping a potato farmer at the harvest, visiting a vineyard and picking grapes, or observing bee-keepers, the learning experience is invaluable. We also visit the theatre or see musicals, and you will find us often at the Museumsquartier or other museums. In winter, depending on the weather, we enjoy going sledding or ice skating.

7. United Pre-school Programme: The best preparation for starting school

An intensive pre-school program helps prepare your child for school in his/her last year of kindergarten. Our pre-school folder contains many interesting tasks and quizzes as preparation for an excellent start to school.

8. Open throughout the year Monday to Friday

Our Kindergarten is open year-round, Monday to Friday starting at 7:15. You can drop off or pick up your child whenever you want within our opening hours. You are in charge of your daily schedule.

9. Exercise and Sport: regular sport and activities

United Children makes sure that your child gets plenty of daily exercise outside in the fresh air. Walks, gymnastics, and dancing will help keep your child fit.

10. 40 years experience: Family Business

For over 40 years, our family has sucessfully run Kindergartens in Vienna.The family-owned business is led in the second generation by Mag. Stefan Weinwurm, himself a father of two children.